Biomedical Engineering collaborators win 2019 Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research

Warmest congratulations to Professor Anthony Burkitt, Dr Sam John, Professor David Grayden and their collaborators on winning the University's 2019 Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research. The work that led to this award is described briefly below.

"Together, our team has pioneered the new field of endovascular bionics. We have developed a minimally-invasive brain-machine-interface that is implanted via blood vessels to mitigate risks associated with open brain surgery. This technology is designed to acquire brain signals from people with paralysis and translate them into commands that can be used to control external equipment such as computers and wheelchairs."

Biological Technologies Office funding opportunity

The US Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) invites applications for its Biological Technologies solicitation through the Biological Technologies Office (BTO).

In line with BTO's mission to foster, demonstrate and transition breakthrough fundamental research, discoveries and applications that integrate biology, engineering, computer science, mathematics and the physical sciences, BTO is ready to invest in a wide range of research areas such as human-machine interfaces, microbes as production platforms and deep exploration of the impact of evolving ecologies and environments. Multiple awards are available.

Funding guidelines can be downloaded at

They're Calling on You: Mobile Phone Recycling

Support Zoos Victoria and the Gorilla Doctors by recycling your old mobile devices. A donation bin is located in the kitchen on level 4, Walter Boas Building. This will dually support MSE's Green Impact team.

How does recycling your devices help gorillas?
Your device may contain a mineral called coltan, which is mined in areas that are critical habitat for Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Central Africa.

Plus, your device will be saved from landfill and this program will raise funds for Gorilla Doctors, an organisation committed to gorilla conservation and veterinary care.

All smartphones, mobile phones, tablets and associated accessories (such as chargers) are accepted, in any condition. Remember to do a factory reset before donating your device to maintain your data security.

More information:

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